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  • Courses have minimum of 20 hours of Classroom Instruction
  • Along with completion of 10 hour home link program


  • Instruction is provided at convenient locations which are bright , well lit , comfortable, and have all the amenities to make the classroom experience a memorable one for the students

In-Car Training


    • Courses have minimum of 10 Hours In-Car Instruction
    • You will be taught in licensed, certified, comfortable, air conditioned and dual-brake-equipped vehicles.
    • Our Instructors have years of experience in transforming a novice driver to a driver who is confident and prepared for all conditions they may encounter during their driving lifetime.


  • At A-1 Academy Of Driving we recognize every one’s needs are different. That’s why we have developed a number of different packages which can be customized to meet your needs.

Key Benefit


    • BDE Graduates with a Driver’s Licence History may be eligible for an insurance discount.
    • Reduction of waiting period for G1 road test
    • Learn Defensive Driving Techniques
    • Save 4 months on your G2 road test waiting period
    • Flexible Course allows you to start any time you want


  • Free pick up and drop off at your home for in car lessons.(*Within 10 kms radius of driving school)

On-the-road Curriculum

Lesson 1: Orientation

Lesson 6: Review

  • Pre-Driving Checks 
  • Control Devices, Controls, Accelerations, Brakes 
  • Accessories and Gauges
  • Starting and Stopping the engine
  • Driving forward and breaking techniques
  • How to use your eyes, where to look
  • Review of the past 5 lessons 
  • Road Evaluation

Lesson 2: Maneuvering your Car

Lesson 7: Parking

  • Backing the car, different directions
  • Turning a corner, pulling in and out into traffic
  • Residential driving, kinds of Stop Signs
  • Right of Way observance
  • Steering and Speed Control
  • Parallel Parking 
  • Parking on a hill (Up and Down Hill parking)
  • Emergency parking

Lesson 3: City Driving

Lesson 8: Parking Made Easy

  • Right turns, Smith System of Defensive Driving
  • How to change lanes, Mirror checks
  • Speed control
  • Parallel Parking
  • Perpendicular parking
  • Parking positions
  • Angle parking
  • Backing in and out

Lesson 4: Driving in Traffic

Lesson 9: Driving on High Speed Roads

  • Following distance rules
  • Three point turns
  • Two point turns
  • U-Turns
  • Turning around the block
  • Highway curves and shoulders
  • Passing on a two-lane highway
  • Freeway driving
  • Entering
  • Lane changes
  • Exiting

Lesson 5: Intersections

Lesson 10: Road Test Evaluation

  • Left turns, choosing the right lane to drive
  • Right turns, speed control while turning
  • Heavy traffic driving, lane changes
  • Space management
  • Preparation for G2 Road Test
  • Test recap
  • Freeway driving
  • Review of a past maneuver upon the student’s choice
  • Lane changes
  • Exiting

Key Benefits

  • Learn to drive a car safely and efficiently
  • Receive Maximum Insurance Discount
  • Save 4 months on your G1 road test waiting period


Individual Lessons

This package is designed for G2/G licensed drivers who are interested in learning the proper techniques for automatic transmission driving.

Driving instructors

Learning to drive is one of the single most important skills you will ever learn in your lifetime. If you are an average Canadian, chances are you will drive mostly every day of your life. Depending where you live, you may spend hours a day behind the wheel of a car. With so much of your life spent operating a vehicle, make sure you take the time to really become a skilled driver. When learning to drive, choosing a good driving school is key. And the key to a good driving school is their Instructors. Studies show that student drivers learn better when they are taught driving with a mentoring approach rather than the traditional “dictator” style of instruction taught by outdated driving schools. Furthermore, it is paramount that the driving schools you consider have licensed, knowledgeable, and confident Instructors who can communicate clearly while maintaining patience.


Training Vehicles

The last piece of the A-1 Academy Of Driving puzzle is the vehicles. You would like to think all driving schools in Ontario use vehicles that are equipped with all the safety features available in today’s technologically advanced society. Unfortunately, most driving schools are more worried about the bottom line and not so much with the safety of their drivers and customers. A quality driving school has well maintained vehicles with dual braking systems, front and side airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability control systems. More progressive driving schools also use hybrid vehicles to help minimize any environmental concerns.

New Citizents

A-1 Academy of Driving offers courses designed specifically for new Canadian citizens. Whether you already have a license from your country of origin or require recertification, A-1 Academy of Driving has a driver training program for you.


Benefits of the A1 Academy of Driving Program are:

  • Multiple languages: Instructors come from various ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, allowing training sessions to be administered in various languages. Contact A-1 Academy Of Driving for more information.
  • Convenience: In-car sessions can take place around your work and/or personal schedule.

Drivers Training Information

Drivers training also known as “behind the wheel” training because once you have studied and passed the rules of the road examination on paper (Drivers education) your next step is to test your knowledge by practice. Drivers training helps you do just that get behind the wheel. Our patient, understanding and experienced Instructors will be right next to you to help you gain the confidence and knowledge you need to pass the driver’s test, and more importantly help you learn the skills to be a safe driver. At the end of your driver’s training program you will feel confident, secure, and safe behind the wheel.


Private Driving Lessons

All drivers training programs are taught on one-to-one basis, so that the student has the Instructor’s undivided attention. There are no other students in the car. At our driving school we realize that one-on-one instruction is the best and the fastest way for a student to learn how to drive a car.

For your Convenience

FREE home, school or work pick-up and drop-off service is included, which offers an extra convenience for parents who find it difficult to take students to their driving lessons.

Adult Drivers Training Course

These lessons are offered for the adult student who wants to learn how to drive or feels the necessity of brushing-up on their current driving skills before taking the Road test. FREE home, school or work pick-up and drop-off is included.

For pricing, availability or any other questions please call us at: 1-866-514-6068